Wi14 Week 2 – How People Learn

As we said in class, this presentation about how people learn comes at the beginning of The College Classroom because it’s so fundamental to the rest of the course. You’ll see and hear more about the 3 Key Findings again and again.


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  1. Peter Newbury says:

    Remember when I mentioned that physics students struggle with inclined plane problems whereas physics professors just say, “Oh, that’s easy – conservation of energy!”

    Eric Mazur (@eric_mazur on Twitter), a physics prof at Harvard who’s lead the use of peer instruction in physics, just published a new textbook. And how are all the facts, concepts and relationships organized? Into a conceptual framework build from the conservation laws! In other words, Mazur is explicitly sharing what physicists know and how they remember and use it. That helps students learn because it’s “how people learn” :)

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